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Above Ground Borates

Allweather Wood offers Borate treated wood for special climate and use conditions where the end use application is above ground and fully protected from the weather. Our Advance Guard® Borate pressure treated wood products have long-term protection that is a step up in quality construction. Above ground Borate treated wood works in sill plate on foundations or as sub flooring in utility rooms and bathrooms. It can also be used for interior framing as well as floor and roof sheathing.

Builders can depend on Advance Guard® products to provide–long lasting, built-in protection against termites, including Formosan termites, fungal decay and many other wood damaging organisms. Advance Guard® Borate pressure treated lumber is recommended for sill plate, furring strips, joists, studs, roof trusses, blocking, rafters, beams, and other framing applications, as well as fascia, trim, and miscellaneous wood applications.

Allweather Wood’s Hi-bor® brand Borate pressure treated wood was developed to meet the special durability and protection needs of the Hawaiian Islands where all framing members in an entire house must be preservative treated for protection against Formosan termites. Introduced in 1992, Hi-bor® products have become Hawaii’s building material of choice. With over 15 years of unsurpassed performance, Hi-bor® products have proven to be durable and dependable.