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Fire Retardant Treated Wood

Our customer’s safety and well-being are of primary importance to Allweather Wood. For this reason, we offer three varieties of fire retardant treated wood.

Even when sprinklers are mandatory, the use of Fire Retardant Treated Wood can further reduce fire insurance rates. Fire Retardant Treated Wood is pressure impregnated deep into the wood to provide permanent protection, unlike coatings, which only provide superficial protection.

D-Blaze® Fire Retardant Treated Wood (DBLAZE) is versatile with a variety of softwood, plywood and hardwood awarded UL “FR-S” classification, exhibiting a flame spread and smoke developed index of 25 or less. Moreover, D-Blaze® can be used in a variety of interior environments where fire retardant construction materials are specified by building codes.

Pyro-Guard® and Exterior Fire-X fire retardant lumber and plywood are UL listed and have been issued an ESR confirming compliance with building codes. Pyro-Guard should not be confused with fire-retardant surface coatings, because test requirements and code definitions are entirely different for each. Pyro-Guard is pressure impregnated and carries a flamespread rating derived by Underwriters Laboratories in the 30 minute ASTM E-84 flamespread test, while coatings are sprayed, brushed or rolled on the surface and flame tested for only 10 minutes. Fire retardant coated wood is superficially protected at best, and it does not meet code requirements for structural uses.