ACZA Treated Wood

ACZA Treated Wood is treated at our White City, Oregon manufacturing plant. Wood species treated include Douglas-fir and Hemlock fir only.

ACZA (Ammoniacal Copper Zinc Arsenate) is a proven waterborne wood preservative system effective against termite infestation and fungal decay. Chemonite® is the registered trade name for wood protected by ACZA and is listed in the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) Book of Standards.

ACZA Treated Wood has been safely and successfully used since the 1940′s in commercial and industrial applications. The product offers all of the appealing characteristics of wood along with prolonged service life. It is protected against the major causes of wood degradation: rot, decay, termites, and marine organisms, and studies indicate resistance to carpenter ants, woodpeckers, and fire. ACZA treated lumber may be stored and handled like untreated lumber.

ACZA Treated Wood consistently meets recognized standards of penetration and retention in otherwise difficult-to-treat wood species, including coastal Douglas-fir. The preservative is leach-resistant in both fresh and saltwater applications, as well as in ground contact applications.

ACZA treated lumber is especially appropriate for industrial, utility, marine, and heavy construction applications, particularly those where coastal Douglas-fir or other refractory species are used or where longevity is a concern. Typical applications include:

  • Utility poles (distribution & transmission)
  • Building poles
  • Foundation pilings and docks
  • Marine pilings (fresh & saltwater)
  • Sawn timbers or supporting columns (used for bridges, barns, decks, or other uses)
  • Agricultural posts
  • Post frame construction
  • Highway construction
  • Railroad ties

Post hot-dipped galvanized fasteners and connectors are recommended for use with ACZA treated wood.

You may also download our Chemonite/ACZA Product Sheet to learn more. If you have any questions about this product, please contact Steve Page at (360) 818-9252 or for additional information.


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