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Pressure Treated Wood

Watch this video to learn more about pressure treated wood. (Length 2:30)
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Allweather Wood has made a total commitment to servicing our partners overseas and in foreign countries. We have treating facilities positioned along the Western United States coast with capabilities to pressure treat western wood species with a variety of preservatives and color additives. The lumber products we manufacture and distribute meet building code restrictions and specifications set by state and local US municipalities, the AWPA (American Wood Preservers Association), and the ICC (International Code Council).

As we move forward with increasing focus and attention to our export business, we plan to continue to look for those products that will meet the needs and challenges of foreign markets. Our strategy for growth is to continually research new opportunities for preservatives and color additives to improve the appearance and longevity of wood products for outdoor use. Allweather Wood is committed to servicing overseas and foreign markets with the best quality and service paralleled to our commitment with our local and domestic partners.