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Pressure Treated Wood

Watch this video to learn more about pressure treated wood. (Length 2:30)
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MSDS/ESR Resource Center

Allweather Wood furnishes all MSDS/ESR/Resources for the products we sell. Link directly to the MSDS, ESR or NER report you need by clicking on the listing below.  If you need product or warranty information you can find that here as well.  Please contact your sales representative for any additional questions or product needs.

ACQ – NatureWood:
NatureWood® Treated Wood: ICC-ES Evaluation Report #ESR-1980
NatureWood® Treated Wood: MSDS# 220-OSM
Nature Wood Warranty
Nature Wood Product Facts
Nature Wood Fastener Information
Nature Wood Brochure
Nature Wood Care & Maintenance
Nature Wood NAHB Green Approved Product Certificate

Borates – Advance Guard/HiBor:
Advance Guard® Borate Treated Wood: National Evaluation Report #NER-648
Advance Guard® Borate Treated Wood: MSDS# 09-OSM
Hi-bor® Borate Treated Wood: MSDS# 17.2-OSM
Advance Guard Brochure
Advance Guard Warranty
Advance Guard Spec Data
Borate Product Information and Limited Warranty
Advance Guard/HiBor NAHB Customer Letter

Advance Guard/HiBor NGBS Green Certified Certificate

Fire Treated – D-Blaze/Pyro-Guard:
D-Blaze® Fire Retardant, Pressure Treated Wood: ICC-ES Eval Rep #ESR-2645 (updated 2013)
D-Blaze® Fire Retardant, Pressure Treated Wood: MSDS# CSI-064
PYRO-GUARD® Treated Wood: ICC-ES Evaluation Report #ESR-1791
PYRO-GUARD® Treated Wood: MSDS# HTWP-039 Revision 5/19/2009
D-Blaze Warranty
D-Blaze Sell Sheet
D-Blaze Market Guide
D-Blaze Fact Sheet
Fire Treated – The Ammonium Phosphate Question
Pyro-Guard Submittal Sheet
Pyro-Guard Specification Sheet
Pyro-Guard Warranty

Wolmanized® Outdoor Wood: ICC-ES Evaluation Report #ESR-1721
Wolmanized® CA-C Treated Wood: MSDS# 000000004502
Wolmanized® L3 Outdoor Wood: ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-1477
Wolmanized® L3 Outdoor Wood: MSDS# 000000002628
EraWood/L3 Warranty
EraWood/L3 Brochure
EraWood/L3 Mode Spec Sheet
Wolmanized Ground Contact Brochure
EraWood NAHB Green Approved Product Certificate

Titan Timbers:
Titan Timber Brochure
Titan Timber Column Spec Sheet
Titan Timber Column Sizing Form
Titan Timber Column Engineering

Osmose Brand CCA:
Osmose Brand Pressure Treated Wood (CCA): 92-OSM
Use and Handling Information EPA Website
For a complete listing of approved uses for CCA treated wood, visit