Allweather Wood produces borate treated wood at our manufacturing facilities in Coos Bay and White City, OR, Loveland, CO, and Washougal, WA.


Borate compounds are found in naturally occurring deposits and are a combination of boron and oxygen. Borates are very effective at killing wood destroying insects, fungi, and may also have some fire-retardant properties. The ability of borate compounds to diffuse in water is both an advantage and disadvantage. It allows the chemical to penetrate deeply into wet wood; therefore borate treatments do not require the wood to be incised prior to treatment. However, this property allows the borate chemical to leach out of the wood if exposed to wetting. As such, borate treated lumber and plywood must be protected from the weather and are not labeled for direct ground contact. Borates are also known for their relative safely and economy.


Sill plate, joists, studs, roof trusses, blocking, rafters, beams


Douglas-fir, Hem fir, Southern Yellow Pine, Spruce-Pine-Fir


Clear. Typically, a blue or green tinted dye is added to the treating solution to distinguish it from untreated wood

Please see Resources/SDS for additional information about borate preservative treated products.