Allweather Wood fencing is manufactured from Douglas-fir, Hem Fir, Ponderosa, and Lodgepole Pine, preservative pressure treated and graded for appearance.

Available dimensions and sizes:

  • Fence boards. Available in 1x6 dimension, 6 feet in length and a choice of flat top and dog ear styles.  
  • Fence posts. Available in either treated round agricultural posts or 4-inch square sawn.
  • Ranch fencing. Choose dowelled or peeled posts and rails for attractive ranch-type fencing projects.
  • Sawn posts. Selected for stability from twist and crook. Sawn posts are also treated for in-ground use and provide long life when properly installed. 

Stained Fencing

Allweather Wood preservative treated stained fencing is an attractive option for commercial and residential applications where appearance is important. Allweather Wood stained fencing is a warm wood tone that easily complements or matches existing structures. Please Contact Us to learn more.

stained fencing
round fencing

Round Fencing

Allweather Wood preservative treated round fencing is a hard-working option for agricultural and heavy-duty applications where durability is important. Please Contact Us to learn more.