Allweather Wood decking products bring out the best side of a home - the outside! For many, the outdoor deck is an extension of usable living space and a great area to entertain year-round. Accessories such as fire pits, heat lamps, lighting, outdoor kitchens, and shade structures serve to enhance the experience even more.

All of our appearance decking products are graded to the highest possible standards and selected for beauty, durability, and long-lasting performance. Allweather Wood preservative treated decking is an affordable and naturally durable option. For those looking for alternatives to high-priced plastics, composites, and tropical hardwoods, Allweather Wood decking is an excellent option - designed to withstand the elements for a long service life. 

Douglas-fir Decking

Allweather Wood® Classic Douglas-fir Decking is a premium, natural wood decking product. Easy to install and maintain, Allweather Wood Classic Douglas-fir Decking is formulated specifically for use in the Pacific Northwest. Each deck board is selected for appearance and stained a beautiful, warm wood tone to enhance the wood’s natural beauty. Eased edges allow for better drainage when wet. Complementary accessories are also available. Please Contact Us to learn more.

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Douglas Fir Decking
Hem Fir Decking

Hem Fir Decking

Allweather Wood® Deck is our line of pressure treated, Hem Fir Decking. Allweather Wood Deck boards are hand-selected for appearance and stained a warm, wood tone. Complementary accessories are also available. Please Contact Us to learn more. 

Superior KDAT Decking

Allweather Wood® offers an innovative Superior KDAT* Decking product for our customer base in Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming. Superior KDAT Decking by Allweather Wood offers a number of distinct benefits over other wood decking alternatives:

  • Superior appearance and low wane
  • Reduced lineal and horizontal shrinkage
  • Lighter in weight and easier to handle than regular treated lumber
  • Readily accepts stains and finishes
  • Covered by a Limited Six-Month Consumer Warranty

Superior KDAT Decking by Allweather Wood features the advanced technology of mCA with BARamine®. Unlike standard mCA treatments, the addition of the BARamine preservative give you better protection with:

  • Improved preservative penetration
  • More consistent preservative distribution
  • Broad moldicide protection
  • Better resistance to certain copper-tolerant fungi

Superior KDAT Decking by Allweather Wood is building code compliant and meets American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) standards. Please Contact Us to learn more.

*KDAT = kiln dried after treatment

SYP Decking