treated wood usage

Treated Wood Usage

Preservative treated wood can be used in a variety of building applications including interior, exterior, above ground, ground contact, marine, and fire retardant. Voluntary wood preservation standards are developed by the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA), a non-profit organization founded in 1904. AWPA Standards are written to safely and effectively extend the service life of preservative treated wood. AWPA Standards are universally specified for wood preservation in the USA, and are recognized worldwide.

The AWPA Use Category System (UCS) provides a simple way of using AWPA Standards. All preservative treated wood products can be placed into one of five use categories, based upon biodeterioration hazard and expected product performance. Fire retardant treated wood products are placed in their own unique use category class. The advantage of this system is simplicity, assisting specifiers and other users in the selection of the appropriate preservative treated wood product for a particular project. 

To further that end, AWPA developed an easy-to-use infographic to assist homeowners and specifiers in determining the appropriate preserved wood for a particular project. You can view the Preserved Wood Use Category Infographic here

Allweather Wood preservative treated wood products are manufactured to AWPA industry standards. Please Contact Us to learn more.