Copper-based wood preservatives have been in use for decades in North America and have proven safe and effective in countless residential, non-residential, and industrial applications, greatly extending the service life of wood and helping to conserve a renewable resource. Copper-based wood preservatives can be used to treat any species or species group available in North America. Certain western species such as Douglas-fir and Hem fir require incising. This is done on a machine prior to treatment that creates many little slits in the wood allowing the preservative to penetrate deep enough to meet industry standard. The addition of colorants or stains to the lumber is used to enhance consumer demand in certain markets.


Decking, fencing, railings and accessories, joists, piling and poles, sill plate, sub flooring


Douglas-fir, Hem fir, Southern Yellow Pine, Spruce-Pine-Fir


Available browntone, cedartone, and traditional green


Refractory species such as Douglas-fir and Hem fir require incisions in the wood to allow the preservative to penetrate deeply enough to meet penetration and retention requirements for specified uses, such as Ground Contact

Please see Resources/SDS for additional information about copper-based preservative treated products.