Fire Retardant

Fire Retardant

Allweather Wood produces interior fire retardant treated lumber and plywood at our facilities in Loveland, CO, Ukiah, CA and Woods Cross, UT.

Fire Retardant

Wood is a combustible material that will burn when exposed to fire. Fire retardant treated lumber and plywood products from Allweather Wood are pressure impregnated with fire retardant chemicals that go deep into the wood, not just on the surface. These chemicals slow the spread of flames and encourage the development of a char layer on the surface which insulates the wood below and slows fire growth. This process is designed to slow down the spread of flame and reduce smoke development because of fire, to give building occupants more time to escape. Fire retardant treated lumber and plywood must be specified based on end use, whether for interior or exterior, as the treatment process varies depending on end use. Interior use is limited to applications not exposed to weather or wetting. Allweather Wood produces fire retardant treated lumber and plywood, for interior use only. 


Interior uses only, including floor joists, floor sheathing, partition walls, plywood sheathing, rafters, roof trusses, sill plate, sub flooring, studs, wall sheathing, 1 & 2 Hour Wall Assemblies


Douglas-fir, Hem fir, Southern Yellow Pine, Spruce-Pine-Fir


Clear. Typically a red dye is added to the solution to distinguish it from untreated wood


Not applicable

Please see Resources/SDS for additional information about fire retardant treated products.